How long are appointments?

The initial new-patient examination will take 60 minutes. We strongly encourage you to take a moment and fill out the intake form prior to your appointment. The intake form will be emailed to you after the initial appointment is made. Each follow-up treatment appointment will be 30-60 minutes long depending on the level of care needed.

If I don't have pain, can I still get treated at Helix Spine & Sport?

As previously mentioned, we are performance and goal-based practice. Whether you are training for a competition or have personal workout goals, Dr. Hansen can help. We will do a thorough movement assessment where we can pinpoint your deficiencies and provide you with the tools to become efficient in your movement. Proficient movement quality will not only improve your performance but will also decrease the chances of injury.

What should I wear to my appointments?

You should come dressed in comfortable, athletic clothing. If you are coming in with a knee or lower extremity complaint, it is best to wear athletic shorts. For shoulders or back pain, you would need to wear a loose t-shirt. If comfortable, we suggest that women wear a sports bra (tank top) in cases where treatment to the shoulder or upper back is involved.

How is Helix Spine & Sport Different?

Helix Spine & Sport is a goal-oriented practice. We use treatment techniques that athletes receive from their respective sports medical providers. We have worked with many amateur and professional athletes and we know what it takes to help you with your performance goals. Each treatment and exercise prescription is specific and designed to your needs. 

Do I have to be an athlete to be treated at Helix Spine & Sport?

The simple answer is NO! We provide a sports care approach to improving your health. Our treatment techniques will vary from joint manipulations, cupping therapy, active release, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilizations, or therapeutic exercise therapy. Your physical examination and movement screening will indicate your treatment needs and which approach works best for you.

How soon will my treatment start?

If appropriate, treatment can begin during your first appointment.

What areas of the body do you treat?

Dr. Hansen has experience in treating all areas of the body. He has spent his career developing his skills as a medical provider in various capacities. He has treated all types of injuries that involve the low back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knees, neck, ankle, and hip.

Do you accept insurance?

Helix Spine & Sport is currently in-network with Healthchoice at this time. If you have health insurance with an out-of-network company, we can provide a "superbill" statement with insurance coding that you can submit to your private insurance company.  Your private insurance should have a medical billing professional to assist you, if necessary.

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