Countless active individuals struggle with pain and injury preventing them from enjoying life and reaching their goals.

Helix Spine & Sport provides effective treatments to help you live pain-free in Oklahoma City.

The Benefits Of Care From Helix Spine & Sport


Pinpointing The Cause Of Your Pain

We perform a thorough examination to accurately determine the cause of your pain.

Get The Care You Deserve

We use evidence-based manual and movement therapy to get you feeling and performing better.

Return To An Active Lifestyle

You receive personal rehabilitation and the tools to prevent your pain from returning.

Your experience at Helix Spine & Sports will be different than any other.

We continue to push the paradigm by thinking and looking at your injuries differently. We will go above and beyond your expectations to make sure you are educated about your condition and how we, together, are going to fix the problem.

We want you to have all the knowledge of why you became injured, the treatment process, and how to prevent this injury from reoccurring. That is not only our passion but our promise, to bring you the best!

You deserve the best possible care to return to your active life.

Dr. Hansen understands how frustrating it can be to deal with injuries that make everyday life that much more difficult.

In everything we do, we believe in getting you pain-free, functioning at your best, and returning you to the activities you love.

We utilize patient-centered evidence-based assessments and treatments for acute and chronic injuries and pain.

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Our specialty is to keep active people moving without pain.
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We take you from living with pain to living your life

This Is Our Simple Treatment Process
Request An Appointment

Request An Appointment

You can call or email the office to request an appointment. We have very affordable self-pay options. Call for accepted insurance carriers.
Evaluation And Treatment Plan

Evaluation And Treatment Plan

Tell us your story and goals for your health. We'll follow that up with a full evaluation to create a customized treatment plan specifically for you.
Return To Your Active Life

Return To Your Active Life

Get back to doing what you love and living pain-free.

Don't Miss This Opportunity To Enjoy A Pain-Free Life

Schedule an appointment today and take that first step towards enjoying the activities you love.

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